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Beg me to slay Lisa Kessler

I have recently signed up to become a book blogger with entangled publishing and net gallery When I first starting reading for book reviews I felt like it was a bit or a chore like homework.but the last couple of books entangled publishing have sent me have really grabbed me. One of those books was beg me to slay. This book was extremely addictive I couldn’t put it down. I could picture the characters story like I was watching a movie you could feel what the characters were feeling! Thank you for sharing your words Lisa I loved every moment

Heart of incubus author Rosalie Lario

I normally stay away from Adult romance because because I prefer books that are action packed with paranormal adventures, to my surprise this book wasn’t really a saucy book it had it moments but the book was mostly about the characters journey and there relationship. The book grabbed me with in the first page I was so hooked I read it in less then two days. I really loved the characters and I found my self disappointed when I reached the end so quickly because I wanted more thanks for sharing your words Rosalie I am looking forward to reading more novels from you


Tangled tides the sea monster memoirs #1 Karen Amanda hooper

I was happy to be apart of the arc team for this book. From I the very first paragraph of the novel I knew it was going to grab me. I choose to spend the next two days of indulging in this world
I was highly addicted right till I turned the last page. I was happy too see this was not a stand a lone book. Therefor I wouldn’t have to beg the author for another adventure thank you for sharing your words with the world I highly recommend anyone who loves seeking out a magical adventure to grab this book and starting reading,,,

Four wedding and a werewolf Kristin miller

I have read so many vampire and werewolf books that I thought no one could possibly surprise me with a new twist. Kristin milliar proved me wrong. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this novel as much as I did. It turned out to be a real page turner. This book was a mixture of everything paranormal suspense mystery romance with a splash of humour or rolled in together. I was hooked from the moment I turned the page when I was finished I found my self wanting more. Thank you Kristin and the entangled team publishing company for allowing me to be part of your ark team for this novel I really loved it! image

Pushing the limits & dare you too by Katie mcgarry

I loved both of these books written by Katie Mcgarry I am normally a paranormal type of reader but every now and then I stray away and lead towards drama and romance to take a break from the paranormal worlds. I was recommended by several book blogger friends to read these books. They were quick to grab my attention right from the start. Katie m made me feel like I watching a movie with in the written world. I found my self disappointed when I reached the end and craving for more. I’d recommend these books and I’d easily give the books a five star rating thanks so much Katie m for sharing your words with world you made me thankful for how normal my family life is.